Version 3.5.2

Release date: 2019.06.10


The most important change of the 3.5.2 release reflects in the brand new commands within the business data functionality: share and import. These changes significantly widen the business data usability palette, enabling you to share business data between teams and colleagues, as well as to reduce manual data entry by automating import process.

New features

  • Business data share

  • Business data import

  • Business data entity CRUD task in Designer


  • Display of hidden overflowed content in all datatables is improved to be showed on hover

  • User has possibility to setup menu label for custom pages by workspace

  • Defined unique identifier for business data to enable import process

  • Upgrade of drag&drop functionality used in business data and forms template

  • Added document link on business data entity edit page

  • Introduced new “from” and “to” filters on documents page

  • Improved email notifications for workspace invitation

  • Visual improvements of user task icon in Designer

Bug fixes

  • Download JSON button when exporting application is not working

  • Header menu label width issue, in case of maximum character use

  • Filtering documents by client and status does not work as expected

  • Business data filter doesn’t count the total entries properly

  • Hide create/edit process button when user doesn't have appropriate permissions

  • Business task in Designer displays business data ID instead of name

Version 3.4.0

Release date: 2019.03.29


This release brings a brand new feature, business data, along with the related updates of the existing functionalities such as tasks, permissions and reports. The user experience when using Internet Explorer has been improved, as well as the overall multi-browser support. In addition to implementing a range of improvements, this version includes various bug fixes and visual tweaks.

New features

  • Business data (a tool to design and organize business data)

  • Business data task in Designer

  • User and group permissions available for business data, business data entity and custom pages

  • Custom pages

  • Business data added to report parameters

  • JasperReports task

  • Connector task


  • Business data UX and visual improvements

  • Forms search improvement

  • Improved mapper task to map complex objects with a single query

  • Task included in documents information

  • User and group permissions table UX and visual improvements

  • XDoc task output file improvements

  • Mapper task improved to handle JSON arrays and missing nodes

  • Case business log view upgraded to handle empty messages

  • Set var task get method syntax improved to use single and double quotes

Bug fixes

  • Export/download process not working in Internet Explorer

  • Designer cannot open applications in Internet Explorer

  • Application basic schedule display break

  • Forms sorting buttons not working

  • Dashboard running cases not showing current task name

  • Accepting of workspace invitation not working in Firefox

  • Form count not including all workspaces

  • Cases websocket not including workspace into broadcast

  • Tasks indicator (task is completed, but to do inbox indicator still showing an active task)

Version 3.3.0

Release date: 2018.09.21


This version contains major rework and improvement in Remote Agent configuration and communication with the Dirigent server. Along with some new features, this update brings major stability and security improvements, various bug fixes, and many interaction and visual improvements.

New feature

  • Redesigned Remote Agent communication over HTTP/S.

  • Simplified remote agent configuration.

  • Added Get file task to copy the document from the remote location to the server file system and register into DMS.

  • Filter documents by CaseID.


  • Improved business log.

  • Various visual improvements on several pages and throughout the application.

  • Security and user permissions improvements.

  • Improved Copy and Move remote tasks.

  • Improved timer boundary event and user task due date.

  • Improved search filter for application and cases.

Version 3.2.3

Release date: 2017.09.29


Added XDoc task that allows you to generate a document from an input file. All the document variables marked in the input mapping will be replaced with a process variable value or a specific string and the output file with the content will be generated. Along the way, we made the configuration of the Start application task easier.

New feature

  • Added XDoc task that is used to generate an output document by using a template document from the Documents section.


  • Instead of typing the application id, now you can select an application that will be started by the Start application task.

Version 3.2.2

Release date: 2017.09.08


Improvements and bug fixes to the Document search Form component.

Bug fixes

  • Document search Form component option to filter documents based on the selected client within the User task is fixed.


  • Improved response for Document search Form component. For selected document it returns the id and contentName.

Version 3.2.1

Release date: 2017.08.22


This version contains minor visual improvements.


  • Visual improvements on landing page

Version 3.2

Release date: 2017.07.25


Significant changes to DBQuery, Copy and Move tasks. Send email task now allows you to send documents as an attachment, and the new FTP task enables you to perform FTP commands on the FTP server. The response for the Search input Form component is now improved and it may require some adjustments to your processes.

Bug fixes

  • Completed, Terminated and Total cases on Dashboard links to a page with those cases listed

  • Filtering by group name shows group members

  • Tooltips reinstated

  • To Do tasks will reload tasks if there are no tasks

  • Document details task returns the list of all attributes related to a Document, even if those are not added with a Document details task


  • DBQuery result serialized into file and uploaded to the documents section

  • Improved response for Search input Form component. For users it returns the first and last name, work order name and client name

  • The Send email task supports sending documents as an attachment

  • Minimal schedule interval set to 5min

  • Visual improvements on case page

  • Added indicator for scheduled Applications on Applications page

  • Multiple users dialogue only shows active users

  • Predefined time range button on the Dashboard changed from 1 day to 3 days

  • Case, Application, Work order and User status labels moved

  • Better load performances of Done tasks

  • Improved the mechanism for user and group permissions

  • Added trimming for Designer and Form name configuration

New features

  • FTP task that performs FTP commands on FTP server

  • DB connector for DBQuery and DBUpdate task added

  • Social signup with Google plus and LinkedIn account

  • Added seven new system methods related to date

  • Option Overwrite if exists is added for Copy and Move task, which allows for the documents with the same name to be overwritten

Version 3.1.4

Release date: 2017.06.22


This version contains improvements for Work order task and Work order pattern id.


  • When the Work order task is used to create a Work order with a name that already exists, the name will be appended with a timestamp in the yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss-S format

  • The mechanism by which a Work order external id is created has been improved

Version 3.1.3

Release date: 2017.05.24


This version contains a minor bug fix and an improvement.

Bug fixes

  • The problem with connectors that were getting deselected is fixed


  • In cases there the pattern for the Move and Copy task contains unresolved variable, the case will be terminated

  • Rows in text area input fields in User Tasks are now replaced with whitespaces

Version 3.1.2

Release date: 2017.05.15


You thought our system variables are awesome and requested more! We added CaseClientId and AppClientId, so if you have Applications or Cases dedicated to a specific client, you can use these in the process. This version also includes minor fixes related to Remote agent tasks, the Dashboard, Cases and the User Task.

Bug fixes

  • A bug related to concurrent executions of Remote agent tasks resolved

  • The "Log on complete" option for Script task fixed


  • Minor visual improvements on the Dashboard and Cases pages

  • Populating User Task fields is possible only after clicking on the Start button

New features

  • Two more system variables were added: CaseClientId and AppClientId