Welcome to Dirigent.io User Guide

Please check out the short technical introduction in this page. For full technical description and help details, please refer to the comprehensive help system implemented in the Dirigent.io application.

What is Dirigent.io?

Dirigent.io is a web-based platform built for workflow automation and business process management. It’s powered to enable companies create, automate, execute and control process-driven applications for coordination of people, information and systems. The bottomline is automating repetitive, everyday work, with pixel perfect design, intuitive navigation and easy-to-use controls.

First step - Register for a Free Trial

Dirigent.io starts out with a free trial, to show you the ropes of the business automation platform. Just register from the homepage for the free trial.

Once you register, you receive the activation link for verification and after that you can sign in and start using the platform.

Next - Sign in

The Dirigent.io application has a high-level security mechanism and implemented permissions that restrict workspace access and actions to certain users/user groups.

In addition to regular sign-in after successful registration, you can also sign in with your Google account, if you prefer, just an option.

Account Recovery

If you forget the password, you can easily retrieve by using the account recovery option. Just enter the email address that was used to sign in to Dirigent.io and then you’ll receive instructions on how to recover the password.

Account recovery can also be used to activate a deactivated or a suspended (several consecutive unsuccessful login attempts) account.

Technical Requirements

Dirigent.io comes with a free 3-week trial. After that, if you are interested in using the Dirigent.io in automating your everyday operations, we created on-premise application to be installed on your server (client’s policy, security reasons, preferences). Just choose a plan or give us a call, to help you make the right decision and choose a preferable plan.

With Dirigent.io being a web-based app, there are several system and web-browser requirements that must be met for proper functioning.

System and Web-browser requirements

  • Operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Modern web browser (Chrome, Mozilla or similar)
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Cookies allowed
  • No limitations to regular web browsing
  • PDF viewer with in-browser support for viewing PDF files
  • HTTPS traffic to https://play.dirigent.io allowed

In case you decide on purchasing Dirigent.io, we will install it for you on your server, to provide you with the early-life support. The requirements have been minimized to support almost every operating server nowadays.

Server requirements

  • Hardware minimum (CPU 2GHz dual core, 4GB RAM)
  • Java 8
  • PostgreSQL database 9.4+
  • HTTPS communication between Dirigent.io remote agent and your server



Dirigent.io application is built with the main purpose of automating business processes. It is composed of one main process and possibly consisting of unlimited number of external processes created in Dirigent.io Designer. Process is a set of elements which are linked with connections and can be performed either manually or automatically.

Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) is a core problem many companies are experiencing in day-to-day management, decision making and long-term operations. Dirigent.io is solution to the problem, delivering its solutions from low-level, simple, usual tasks, such as processing a contract, ticketing system through mid-tier operations of loan processing and hiring people, all the way up to complex business processes with numerous participants, tasks and decisions to be made. Focus on optimization and augmented performance, delivered by our platform.


Every run of an application will create a new case. The case created in such environment represents a separate step in running the application. In specific situations it is possible to perform scheduling, when application is set to start at certain time or to repeat its execution.


Connectors are used to allow Dirigent.io access to a third party (services or software) by using tasks. Each task requires a connector to be set in order to work. It is possible that some tasks will work only when an adequate connector is set, depending on the task nature. Dirigent.io has several types of external connectors, including email, remote agent, JIRA, Confluence, DB and FTP.


Dashboard summarizes detailed performance of all applications and users for workspace that user is currently working on. Dirigent.io dashboard represents a centralized spot where users are introduced to visual presentation of key elements with indicators, reporting stats, history log and other relevant data available in the database. All the relevant performance data and quick decision making information are summarized in one place.


The core solution, product for optimizing and augmenting performance of business functions in your company. Introduced to you at the beginning of this user guide and summarized as the starting point in your digital business transformation.

Dirigent.io Designer

The Dirigent.io Designer is part of Dirigent.io platform and it represents a graphical modeling tool used for designing a process automation workflow. Think of it as Dirigent.io’s dirigent. The Designer allows you to create a process by using simple drag-and-drop feature, manipulate different tasks in canvas, edit the properties of such tasks and overall build the system according to your preferences.


As in regular business operations with documents, Dirigent.io documents section represents files at disposal for the software platform users, a library of all uploaded files. User can upload all types of documents, but how they will be handled depends on the assigned user permissions. User with enabled document view and manage permissions can view and download all uploaded documents, while user without mentioned permissions has access to uploaded files only through assigned user task with download or preview component.


Forms enable users to create custom structures for filling, collecting and displaying various data. By using simple drag and drop functionality implemented in the system, you can create different forms, with no programming skills required at all. Forms represent a modelling environment for the users, independent and usable for indefinite number of processes and applications. All data from user forms can be logged into the system. Also, please note that forms can be used in user tasks and process forms.


A process is a set of tasks (one or more) dedicated to accomplishing a specific goal in your company. Dirigent.io process is created with Dirigent Designer, with a sequence of tasks to be operated and performed either by users or automatically. Each process in the system must have a starting event and at least one ending event. Furthermore, it can also contain multiple decision-making points (gateways). All tasks in a process are linked to each other by use of connections. The process, once built according to your needs, ultimately functions to support your application functioning, the application for automating business process.

Remote Agent

The Dirigent.io remote agent is a service that can run remote actions. It runs software in your set environment and collects feedback from the executed processes. The following tasks require at least one remote agent: script, copy, move, list files, wait for file, and git. Remote agent connectors are not strictly invoked for a task, but activate themselves, with no need of user interaction. Remote agent is a convenient and powerful way to surpass enterprise architecture limitations, acting with a certain degree of autonomy in order to accomplish tasks on behalf of its host.


Tasks represent user assignments that are result of running applications. In other words, when application is executing and comes to the point that some predefined form, which is integral part of the application, needs to be completed, the form will be sent through user task and assigned to a user or to a group. Each task can either have to do status or done. Moreover, tasks is the landing page after the sign-in to Dirigent.io.

User Management

User management section is a tool for managing users and groups. It organizes users in groups and workspaces as well as defines user eligibility to access the information and perform actions by setting the level of assigned permissions. Workspace admin has the possibility to make workspace content more or less available for an individual or a group existing within the workspace. Users permissions rank with higher priority than group permissions.


This is where all users are administered individually within a particular workspace. Additionally, you are also eligible to invite other users to join your workspace. You can switch between workspaces to manage the corresponding users.


Dirigent.io allows you to create various groups, by selecting and adding its members, according to your preferences. Access permissions are used to specify various roles, levels and sectors. It is possible to create more groups, depending on the size of your company and the teams within the company.


Workspace is designed to provide better organization of business process automation and enable easier collaboration between team members. Similar to having a folder structure with subfolders where the work is organized, workspace enables users to customize it for specific needs. Each workspace is literally an independent work space for team members to work on, including specific projects, applications, business processes and documents that relate to a specific topic. Workspace represents a unique library set of Dirigent elements: tasks, dashboard, applications, cases, forms, business data, documents, clients, work orders, reports, user management and connectors. All workspaces are mutually independent and user can switch between them in order to see and work with elements that are created within a given workspace.