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Licence instructions

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to System > Licence and give name and contact email for Licence Request
  3. Click the button to download Licence Request
  4. Go to the payment portal and create an account or log in
  5. Go to the Reguests page and upload the Licence Request
  6. Go to the Licences page and download your licence
  7. Go back to your account and go to System > Licence and of your account and upload the Licence for the Server you just obtained the licence for

Install instructions

For Linux distibutions the installation is automated, which means to extract the dirigent-install archive to the temp directory and run the install script. For other operating systems the following must be done:
  1. Extract the dirigent-install archive to the temp dir
  2. Import the empty dirigent database
  3. Extract files from the apps.tar.gz archive into the application directory
  4. Edit the yml configuration file and set the required values (database url, database user, password, application listening port
  5. Edit and files and fix paths and file names

Get started