Three tedious tasks your BPM software can do instead of you


Everybody knows the overwhelming feeling of a hectic day at the office when your to-do list starts looking less like an organized schedule, and more like a never ending pile of assignments. to the rescue! Find out which tasks you can delegate to your trusty business process management software, freeing you up to deal with assignments that need your undivided attention.

Keeping your team synced up

Jenna emails Tom who posts a comment on a Mike‘s JIRA issue , after which Mike texts Samantha about the development, who calls you to help her figure out how to resolve the dillema, but you only have half the information, because you weren‘t in on a significant part of the conversation.

With you can keep everyone on track and in the loop by keeping them focused on the task at hand within the application, and incorporating all external methods of communication into the workflow you are taking a part in. This means better teamwork and less time spent banging your head against the wall over minor misscommunications that pile up pretty quickly.

Unclogging the approval cycle

Projects that include steps that require approval from several departments or levels of the company hierarchy tend to feel like they are impossible to complete within their designated deadline. The more complex the issue, the more likely it is that the decision will be bounced around from manager to manager, sometime dragging on for months before you can get the information you need to proceed.

If you prefer not to spend your time chasing down colleagues whose sign off your require to keep your process on track, an automated workflow that lets you easily track decisions, comments, delegation and the time it takes to come to a conclusion on the matter at hand, is probably the solution to some of your scheduling problems.

Document management and archiving

Regardless of the size of your company, or the department you work in, if your role in hte company includes doing any sort of supervision, you‘re going to be dealing with a certain amount of documents. Over time, the folders and binders tend to pile up, and things like document management and preventing confidentiality breaches start to take up more of your time.

This goes double for people working in departments that heavily relly on paper, especially if you‘re working in departments finance od HR, where leaks of information you deal with on a daily basis can result in some major reprecussions for everyone involved.

One of the many perks of utilizing business process management software to the fullest is the possibility of keeping your documents neatly organized and integrated into your workflows, complete with a set of precisely defined user permissions, ensuring the safety of confidential information and relieving you of the burden of micromanaging the way your teammates handle documents.