Six ways DMS can make your job easier


An effective document management system is an imperative element in the process of conducting business in a modern office. Leaving paper behind and switching to the more reliable practice of storing documents electronically is inevitable and it‘s important to outline the various benefits of using DMS, in order to utilize them to the fullest.

1. Reducing errors

There are very few managers who need to be convinced how detrimental a loss of an important document can be. Imagine how much better they will sleep knowing that all of your important contracts and invoices are stored safely, where no harm can come to them. DMS means that all of your crucial files are backed up and the risk of losing them is far smaller.

Additionally, with a reliable document management system many heads are better that one, and any sort of document-related miscommunication is much less likely to happen when all of the people working on the same files have the ability to view it at the same time.

2. Cutting costs

Imagine if you had to pile up all the paper you have used at work over the course of just the last few years. Chances are, they could fill up every office, hallway and bathroom of your building. Though its seems like an unavoidable office expense, the cost of burning trought paper supplies tends to pile up. Not to mention to price of ink and toner cartridges, as well as other office supplies that are required to keep files organized and in their place.

Admittedly, the bulk of your paperwork will be used for one-time communication and is essentially expendable, while most of the information you convey over paper could be done in a much easier and cost-effective way. Enter DMS. Not only does it save you a ton on paper, it actually reduces the time it takes to find a certain document, and in addition to being a life-saver in crisis situations, that means your employees are not wasting time looking for that invoice from two years ago the CFO needs right away.

3. Sustainability

Being more eco-friendly is one of the main future goals of every major corporation. Aside from reducing the staggering number of trees being cut down, a company with more sustainable business policies help the environment by not wasting energy on things like paper processing and transportation.

While going green isn't always the cheapest or easiest option, if you care about the bigger picture, DMS is a relatively painless method of contributing to your environment. Companies that invest in running their business in a more eco-friendly way tend to be ranked more favorably by their employees and communities.

4. Efficiency

Watch yours and your employees‘ productivity go through the roof when all your documents are a few clicks away. You need an old invoice for reference while doing a new one? Your legal department needs to quickly check if new deals are in accordance with prior legal documents? You need several different departments working on the same document? Your document management system has got your back.

Searchability is a huge deal when you‘re facing tight deadlines, and going through the approval cycle is now that much easier and faster. Consistent company-wide file organization with a strict document hierarchy makes everyone‘s job easier, while error corrections and updates run much more smoothly.

5. Security

It‘s really difficult to get an accurate picture of how secure all your documents are. If physical files are used on a daily basis, it‘s quite a challenge to keep them truly confidential, even with the strictest security measures.

DMS ensures that documents are seen only by those with proper permissions, making it virtually impossible to have sensitive information leak. You have complete control over access to individual documents, which means that even the tiniest difference in hierarchy can include a customized set of permissions.

6. Convenience and ease of access

Cloud-based document management systems allow you to access all your crucial files whenever and wherever you happen to need them, as long as you have access to internet and a computer.

Think of the possibilities: unexpected off-hour inquiries from clients can‘t catch you off guard anymore, it‘s so much easier to work from home or while on business trips, as well as a plethora of unanticipated situations you are now prepared for.