Brace yourselves for the new version of

New version

Allow us to present you with an even newer and more improved version of your favorite business process management software. This time around, we have lots of new features and improvements on all the cool functionalities you've come to love. Let's start making your work day easier, one business process at a time.

Visual improvements

The first thing you'll notice when you log into the new version of is the new and improved Dashboard. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, it gives you the valuable insight into the statistics of your Applications and Cases. Next to the graph you can find all of the information regarding the duration of all your completed cases. In the area above the graph, you can see your user count and free storage, as well as the total number of your Applications and Cases.


In the interest of giving you all the necessary information about all the business activities you run trough the platform, we have added a section on the Application and Case pages that allows you to see which user created and updated the process, which means that you can now keep better track of all your users' activities. Created by

New work order features

We have been working on the Work Orders to bring you a simple and convenient way to reuse the same Work Order types. Enter Templates. You can drastically reduce the time required to set up your process, by using Templates instead of creating Attributes for each Work Order from scratch every time.

Another new feature are attribute types, that present you with the option of assigning different values within your Work Order. You can choose between the Autocomplete, Date, Dropdown, Text, Title and Calculation types, all of which allow you to use different data and functionalities.


New stuff in the Designer

In addition to the improvements within the app itself, we have more awesome stuff in store for you in the Designer.

In the interest of speeding up the process of designing processes, we have created a feature that allows you to quickly add elements to your workflow. If "drag and drop" just isn't your thing, try clicking on the icons on the right side of an element. This will magically add and connect new elements to your workflow, and all you need to do to get it working is to configure your new elements.


One of the coolest new things you can do with is connecting it to your JIRA account. After the initial setup, you can add the JIRA task to your flows in order to add and update issues right in the platform. This will allow you to integrate the tools you are used to using into automated processes, making everything run more smoothly.

Another addition to the Designer are Pools. You can find them within the "Tool" segment of the element panel in the Designer. Pools are used to improve the visual organization of your process, and they allow you to move your elements around in a more convenient way. You can divide them into Lanes, which you can then attribute to either a group or a specific person.


Lots of minor bug fixes and improvements

Lastly, because we are determined to improve your experience with using, we did our best to root out all the minor bugs that might have caused any inconveniences while using the previous version. Running a tight ship on our end, means that we can provide you with the ability to keep your business running without a hitch.