Introducing 2.3!

New version

Brace yourselves, 2.3 is here! The new and improved interface is just one of the many new aspects of that will help you create and manage all your business processes more easily. Cutting costs and optimizing your activities has never been so simple.

So what‘s new?

Let‘s start from the top. What does the new version of mean for its users? Well, for starters, you now have the option of choosing the Standalone or the Cloud option, depending on which plan suits you best, based on the IT resources available to you.

Now that you‘ve decided which plan is best for you, it‘s time to dive into all the new functions is presenting you with.

Workspaces 2.3 allows you to effortlessly switch Workspaces whenever you need to access information from different departments, employees or projects. You can manage users‘ permissions to access each individual part of one more more workspaces, making sure everyone sees exactly what they need to.

Applications and Cases

You can now keep track of your applications more easily, thanks to the new tab preview which allows you to see the flow of your process when you click on the application.

Running several cases of the same Application at once is no longer an issue. You can also keep track of the progress of each Case, without breaking a sweat, thanks to the indicator that lets you know exactly how far the Case has come along, which, in case of a hold-up, also allows you to or pinpoint its cause.

Posting comments in the Case activity section, where the Log message will be displayed, combines easy communication with your colleagues and monitoring the execution of the Case.

Applications and Cases

Document management now also offers a way to clearly and easily manage and keep track of all your documents. Allow users to upload and download contracts, invoices and other bussines documents. All documents can be previewed in user forms which makes authorization and approval faster and more convenient.

Work Orders and Form Builder

Create Work Orders, ascribe Attributes to them and control who has access to the Attributes. You also have the option of changing the status of the work order.

Use the Form Builder to assemble Forms from text input, checkbox, radio and other components and then assign them to users to fill out.

Form Builder


Connectors allow you to access third parties, be it other users (The Email connectors), or services (The Remote Agent connectors). Once the connectors are configured, you can use them an unlimited amount of times.

Inbox and User management

Inbox is where all the tasks you assign to users will show up. From there, they can claim, unclaim, start, stop and submit them.

User management allows you to define your users, groups of users and clients. You can determine the permissions for each group and individual user, which will determine which parts of a certain Workspace a user or group can access.


New tasks

The new version of has introduced some new types of tasks, designed to make your process-making experience more pleasant, and you job easier.

The User Task is used when a task needs to be executed by a person and it allows you to assign users forms that you previously created in the Form Builder.

The Note task is used solely with the purpose of guidance and clarification for the person using the Designer. They serve as, well, notes that contain text, but don‘t influence the flow of the process.

The Work Order tasks‘ function is to change the status of the Work Orders, which translates into information you can find in the Case Activity.

Start Application is task that gives you the option of running a task after being triggered by another action. This is very useful in situations where doing one job requires the previous one to be completed. Designer 2.3 has also introduced some new features within the Designer. You can now toggle the grid on and off, view your process within a mini map, export your process to a PNG image and use keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy, paste, delete, select the entire process.

And there you have it!

Now you‘re all caught up and ready to design, run and monitor all your business processes without a hitch.