Free online resources that can spark your creativity


Regardless of the industry you‘re in, a prerequisite for accomplishing any long-term business plan is continual growth and improvement. Success always comes at a price of dedicating significant chunks of your free time on further development and learning and when you‘re seeking information, there‘s no place to go but the internet. However, the sheer volume of the information at your fingertips can be a little daunting. With a torrent of information comes a plethora of false prophets, bad advice and, of course, clickbait. So where to look when you‘re looking for knowledge online? Here‘s a few tips on how to start your search for content that will hone your skills and inspire you to do your best.

TED talks

The (almost) endless source of all sorts of inspirational and educational material that is TED talks, should be your first stop. Whatever type of content you are looking for, be it useful tips you can directly apply to your business, or speeches that will boost your morale, TED talks has got you covered. Make sure to make the most of these resources, as this provides a unique insight into what makes big entrepreneurs and experts successful. The many different speeches can also give you a clue about the human psyche in general, which is very useful for both B2B and B2C companies.

Online courses

Online courses tend to be a bit more time consuming and require a higher level of commitment. This might be a challenge for those with busy work weeks, but with more effort comes a greater deal knowledge, and in some cases, certifications. Renowned universities such as Stanford, Berkley, and even Harvard and MIT offer free courses and certificates on platforms like Coursera, and edX. You can listen to lectures by experts and scholars and upgrade your education at no cost at all. However, if this level of engagement doesn‘t suit your busy schedule, you can always turn to websites like that give you a choice of courses that require less time and effort, but still provide a solid foothold on the topics tought.

Blogs and articles

This one‘s a no-brainer. No matter what branch of business you‘re in, there‘s sure to be an abundance of articles and blog posts that cater to your needs. A good place to start would be renowned websites like the Harvard business review, The Wall Street Journal, Business insider and Forbes, but it‘s also important not to overlook resources in the form of blogs written by industry experts, people at the center of major success stories and good advice-givers.

Social media

I know, I know, social media is a distraction first and foremost and it rarely contributes to higher productivity amongst employees, so how can a vessel of procrastination actually help you get better at your job? Well, if we exclude leisurely networks like Facebook and Instagram, you‘ll find that a convenient way of networking usually means that people are forming online communities and finding ways to share business tips and tricks. Whether it‘s following industry leaders and relevant topics on Twitter, or keeping your finger on the pulse by joining groups on LinkedIn, staying in the loop can be crucial to your business. This is an easy and surefire way to keep your ear to the ground, find out all the latest industry trends and be the first to know about innovations.

Keep learning

Don‘t make the mistake of assuming that achieving your goals means that learning is behind you. Pick and choose which resources are most valuable to you, which suit your needs and abilities the best and which you stand to gain from the most. Staying up-to-date with the news and learning as you go along is the most efficient way of staying on top and ahead of your competition.