A 35% increase in productivity: the Alfa Digital success story


Alfa Digital d.o.o. - one of Serbia‘s leading providers of printing services, was seeking to optimize the process of meeting the extensive needs of their clients, most notably heavyweights in the banking and telecommunication industries, by putting the focus on ensuring a higher level of professionalism, reliability and an overall better experience for their clients.

For Alfa Digital, entering the new age of automation meant streamlining each segment of their printing process in the application section of their printing center, starting from the order placement, all the way to delivery.

Turning the approval cycle on its head

Facilitating the approval process within the Dirigent.io platform is done trough User Tasks, which allow users with previously defined permissions to access documents and other data, as well as to provide their own information that can be passed on to other users, or used within the flow of the process. For Alfa Digital, this means expedited communication, with client approval processes that minimize the delays caused by several rounds of revisions.

Another challenge of meeting the demands of enterprise level clients is the ability to adhere to challenging and unpredictable schedules and deadlines, which ensures that the individual client receives the desired product at a pace specific to the way their business operates. For many service providers this entails inconvenient organization of shift work and scheduling in a way that leads to an uneconomical way of spending time and resources.

By using Dirigent.io‘s Remote Agent feature, Alfa Digital managed to circumvent this common drawback of working with large scale clients, leaving them free to coordinate their employees more efficiently.

Printing and packaging without a hitch

In addition to streamlining client communication, Alfa Digital decided to make the most out of the features Dirigent.io offers, by putting them to good use within the actual production sector of their printing center.

By connecting the numerous steps of the printing process (like preparation, cutting, folding, etc.) in a way that minimizes the need for human interaction, the printing center was able to accelerate the process drastically, which goes a long way in time-sensitive situations that require attention to detail.

The added perk of doing business by means of workflow automation is the ability to greatly reduce the risk of human errors, while also introducing complete transparency into the production process, which further facilitates delegation and resource planning.

How Dirigent.io saved the day

While Dirigent.io provides a plethora of different options that can be customized for each company based on their specific needs, companies from specific industries are more likely to use certain features more than others. Here some Dirigent.io functionalities that are incredibly useful for companies whose business relies on manufacturing products of some kind, as exemplified by Alfa Digital.

One of the sharpest tools in Dirigent.io‘s workflow planning toolbox is the Remote Agent connector. The Remote Agent feature encompasses a group of tasks that can be included in the automated workflow, which enabled Alfa Digital to access files and run scripts in different locations, without any human interaction. This allowed for an effortless way of connecting machinery used in the printing process.

The Remote Agent set of functionalities also allowed the printing center to respond to clients‘ requests and orders almost immediately, completely taking communication delays out of the equation. This was especially useful in situations where several cycles of revision and approval were required, cumulatively resulting in an estimated increase in productivity of 35%.

In Dirigent.io, reading and writing queries for specified databases is made possible by the DBQuery and DBUpdate tasks. Alfa Digital uses them to integrate their existing data processing software and to keep the information updated throughout the execution of the process.

The Email connector allows users to integrate an automatic email sending task into their workflow. This functionality gave Alfa Digital the ability to consolidate all communication with clients, by providing consistent correspondence, which is a cornerstone of a dependable business relationship.

Work Orders in Dirigent.io are used to store different types of information that can be used and edited throughout the course of the process execution. In the case of Alfa Digital, Work Orders are used to contain information on specific orders from clients, which makes archiving, managing resources and tracking progress much easier and more precise.

Universal application

Workflow automation and business process management go hand in hand with an optimally functioning work environment and great client relationships, regardless of a company‘s size and industry. Alfa Digital presents a great example of how applying BPM software can transform a business and lead to an approximate cost reduction of 20%, while maintaining a significant growth in productivity.

If you are interested in giving Dirigent.io a go, you can check out all its perks and features by downloading or signing up for free, or you can contact us if you have any questions.